Lieutenant Colonel Clarence O. Sherrill

Clarence was born 5-24-1876 in Newton, NC and died 2-6-1959 in Cincinnati, OH. He married Geraldine Caldwell Taylor in Leavenworth, Kansas 11-30-1905. They had two children Clarence Caldwell (8-15-1911) and Minnie Elizabeth (2-27-1916). He attended Trinity College, now Duke University, prior to receiving an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. He graduated 2nd in his class in 1901 with a degree in Civil Engineering. He was an honor graduate of the Army School of the Line at Fort Leavenworth (1906), and a graduate of the Army Staff College (1907). Later he served as an Instructor in Engineering at various Service Schools (1907 - 1910). In 1911 he wrote a textbook on Military Topography that was used by the Army until 1918. During World War I he served in France as the Chief Engineer of the77th Division (1918), and later served as the Division's Chief of Staff (1919). From 1921 - 1925 he was the Director of Public Buildings and Parks in Washington DC. During this period he also served as Chief Military Aide to both President Harding and President Coolidge. While in Washington he was in charge of many building projects including the building of the Lincoln Memorial, monuments to Grant and Meade, and the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkways. In 1926 he resigned from the U.S. Army to become the first City Manager of Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1930 he became the Vice President of the Kroger Company in Cincinnati, and then served as the President for the American Retail Federation in Washington, DC (1935 - 1937). In July of 1937 he returned as the City Manager of Cincinnati, (1937-1944).

My Great Uncle